Oxford Lindy Exchange Set #3

I started the music at the OLX Saturday night in a beautiful big ballroom. I played for about an hour before the band's first set. I feel that it wasn't a particularly interesting or exciting set from a musical perspective – it's a lot of safe choices and obvious crowd-pleasers and a lot of mid-tempo... However, I was excited by the experience of realising that was the right choice for this session. I felt really tuned into what the crowd needed and managed to build the number on the floor with every choice. (Of course it helped that there were more people arriving all the time, but we'll skim over that detail)

  1. Fort Knox Jump – Jack Teagarden (149 bpm)
  2. Riding on a Blue Note – Duke Ellington (148 bpm)
  3. Groovin' With JC – JC Heard (150 bpm) ~ up until now it's really just me and three early members of the band ~
  4. Straighten Up and Fly Right – Sammy Davis Jr (147 bpm)
  5. Streamliner – Bill Elliott (151 bpm)
  6. The Fox – Ray Anthony (163 bpm)
  7. Them There Eyes – Anita O'Day (153 bpm)
  8. The Calloway Boogie – Cab Calloway (170 bpm)
  9. Loose Wig – Freddie Slack (146 bpm)
  10. Mack The Knife – Ella Fitzgerald (169 bpm)
  11. Teardrops from My Eyes – Jimmy Witherspoon (130 bpm)
  12. Hallelujah, I Love Her So – Count Basie & Joe Williams
  13. Gangbusters – The Cats & The Fiddle (191 bpm)
  14. Gettin' Together – Mezz Mezzrow (179 bpm)
  15. Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea – Django Reinhardt (189 bpm)
  16. Ochi Chornya – Wingy Manone (1941)