Late Shift at the National Portrait Gallery

Enjoying drinks and vintage jazz in the Main Hall The Late Shift at the National Portrait Gallery turns the main hall area into a bar for the evening. As the current exhibition is the excellent Man Ray, the music was vintage jazz from the 20s and 30s.

I really enjoyed this nearly three hour set. Some good friends came by and kept me entertained, and I loved being able to give lots of up-tempo numbers a good airing. This was decidedly not a dance set.

Preparation was key. I trawled through my whole collection gathering everything I could see from the right date ranges into a master playlist (I'm pleased to have that now, as it reminded me of lots of great tunes that have been gathering dust a little too long.) Then — with Man Ray's work and history in mind — I sifted through the master playlist and pared it down to around 7 hours of music. That was the preparation done. I don't like to over-plan, preferring to create each set in the moment. This sort of set requires less focus than a dance set because it's about creating an atmospheric background. Feel and texture are still important, but speed is incidental.

  1. Accordion Joe – The Jungle Band
  2. Radio Rhythm – Fletcher Henderson
  3. Victory Stride – James P. Johnson
  4. Washington Squabble – Fud Candrix
  5. Indiana – Earl Hines
  6. Harlem Congo – Chick Webb
  7. I Got Rhythm – Raymond Scott
  8. I've Found A New Baby – Benny Goodman
  9. K.K. Boogie – Henry "Red" Allen
  10. Limehouse Blues – Georgia Washboard Stompers
  11. Maple Leaf Rag – Earl Hines
  12. Little Posey – Duke Ellington
  13. A Mellow Bit of Rhythm – Earl Hines
  14. Light Up – Buster Bailey
  15. Tuxedo Junction – Ken 'Snakehips' Johnson & His West Indian Jazz Band
  16. You Took Advantage of Me – Bunny Berrigan
  17. St. Louis Blues – Buster Bailey
  18. Lafayette – Hot Lips Page
  19. Jerry The Junker – Willie Bryant
  20. Jazz Potpourri – Duke Ellington
  21. I Wanna Go Back To Harlem – Coleman Hawkins & Ramblers
  22. Darktown Strutters Ball – AVRO Dansorkest Hans Mossel
  23. At The Jazz Band Ball – Muggsy Spanier
  24. Charleston – Sidney Bechet
  25. Embassy Stomp – Ambrose And His Orchestra
  26. Streamline Strut – Ambrose And His Orchestra
  27. Stuff and Things – Tito & His Swingtette
  28. Nagasaki – Cab Calloway
  29. Swingin' on C – Jimmie Lunceford
  30. Who Broke The Lock Off The Hen House Door – Georgia Washboard Stompers
  31. What A Night; What A Moon; What A Boy! – Billie Holiday
  32. I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music – Stuff Smith & His Onyx Club Boys
  33. Cavernism – Earl Hines
  34. Dinah – C. Mack J. Johnson
  35. Festival Swing – Django Reinhardt
  36. Pussy Willow – Duke Ellington
  37. Swingin' with the Fat Man – Don Redman
  38. Town Hall Blues – Bud Freeman's All Star Orchestra
  39. Twits And Twerps – Duke Ellington
  40. Blue Drag – Freddy Taylor and His Swing Men from Harlem
  41. Ain't Misbehavin' – Sidney Bechet and his New Orleans Feetwarmers
  42. Interlude (Night In Tunisia) – Sarah Vaughan
  43. Whistlin' The Blues – Muggsy Spanier
  44. Beyond The Moon – Bernie Leighton
  45. Grand Terrace Stomp – Earl Hines
  46. Gone With The Gin – Hot Lips Page
  47. Glory Of Love – Count Basie
  48. Every Tub – Count Basie
  49. Demi-Tasse (alt take) – Barney Bigard
  50. The Henderson Stomp – Don Redman
  51. Downtown Uproar – Cootie Williams
  52. Denison Swing – Lionel Hampton
  53. Jimtown Blues – Ben Pollack
  54. Keep Smilin' At Trouble – Bud Freeman
  55. Main Stem – Duke Ellington
  56. Sweet Sue - Just You – Don Redman
  57. Uncle Joe – Sidney Bechet
  58. Numb Fumblin' – Fats Waller
  59. Lotus Blossom (trio version) – Duke Ellington