I'm doing the Daily UI challenge. (See http://dailyui.co/ to join in)

I'm in two minds about this idea. I'm all for the concept of deliberate practice, and have been thinking about what self-driven exercise might be suitable for training core UX skills. The issue with this one is that I don't really identify as a UI designer these days; but I've thought of a way to make this more of a UX challenge than plain UI.

  1. Practice UX Triage – an inspiring method for thinking more efficiently about UX flows 
  2. Practice Crazy Eights – a great tool for getting past the obvious ideas and pushing thinking harder
  3. Explore different visual styles – as I suspect most designers do, I often feel stuck in my usual design tropes and fallbacks. It's interesting to explore alternatives without fearing commercial repercussions. I want some of these UI ideas to fail. Some visual styles I'm intrigued to draw on include vintage modernism a la Josef Müller-Brockmann, Jan Tschichold, and El Lissitsky; post-modernists like Stefan Sagmeister, Paula Scher, and Neville Brody
  4. Get feedback: hopefully straightforward, brutal feedback. This is one of the hardest but most important parts of deliberate practice.
  5. Develop my skills and taste.

I'll post the finished results and the work behind them here.

The process

I've slightly adapted the UX Triage process for my own ends here.

  1. Understand: draft a problem statement that captures the core problem you are attempting to solve.
  2. See|Do: map out the things the user will see, the actions they can do and the interplay of both
  3. Atom Gathering: for each See/Do step, list all the atoms that make that up
  4. Crazy Eights: 8 sketches in 5 minutes exploring how the atoms might be presented
  5. UI concept: distil and combine the atoms and design the concept
  6. Critique: appeal to the community for frank criticism.

So please take a look and shout at me with your critique.