Four UX haiku plus four others

In 2016, inspired by a friend, I got into poetry. I found joy in reducing UX ideas into haiku form. I'd love to see yours. 

Four UX-inspired haiku:

If you design things
But don't watch people use them,
You're missing something.

Don't ask your users
Which design works best for them:
Test and they'll show you.

Delight: when they say,
"Thank fucking god that just worked
How I hoped it would!"

Split testing is just
A tool for finding what works;
Not cheating people.

Plus four miscellaneous haiku

A snail's shell loops in
Neat Fibonacci spirals;
A helter shelter.

Dry grass pricks our soles,
Soft from shoes and cities that
Toughen only souls.

Dance with a person
And you can feel their soul in
The way they move you.

The grass looks greener;
And it is! Until you go
And trample on it.